Koheilan I - Dziewanna 

Fuchs Hengst, 31.01.1934-1944
Züchter: Polen

Status im Russischem Stutbuch: Elite

Rennleistung: 1/6 (3-3-0)
1800m-2.07; 2000m-2.19

In Russia the Koheilan Adjuze d.b. branch of Piolun flourished. He was not the prettiest horse but gave efficient race horses and horses with good riding abilities. Foaled in 1934, Piolun was evacuated to Russia during the war. He sired 6 stallions and 21 broodmares who were used by the Tersk Stud, the most important being his son Priboj.
The son to carry on for him was
Priboj who was heavily used at Tersk between 1948-1958. He left the stallions *Pietuszok, Pomeranets, Krepish, Sport and Topol (full brother to *Pietuszok). Priboj, as most of the stallions of this line, was a good race horse and left many good race horses in turn. One of his sons, Profil, won the 1961 russian championships in three day eventing.