Priboj - Taktika

Brauner Hengst, 1954-1974
Züchter: Tersk, Russland


Hengstlinie: Koheilan Adjuze d.b.
Stutenlinie: Selma

PIETUSZOK sired excellent racehorses like the Derby winner WOSK, the Oaks winner BEATRICE, and the famous Triple Crown winner ORLA, who won the Oaks, the Derby and twice the Criterium. He also left great broodmares like ALGONKINA, ANDORRA, WILMA and ELIZA. None of his sons was kept to succeed him in the stallion barn. He has nevertheless produced the Canadian National Champion stallion BAJRAM and West Germany National Champion stallion ELEMI.

*Pietuszok was born in Tersk, Russia in 1954 and was imported to Poland as a four year old, standing at Albigowa Stud from 1958-1960 and Janow Podlaski Stud in '61,'62 and '68. He was used to cover the beautiful Witraz daughters, producing *Banda and National Champion *Bajram out of Bandola. *Pietuszok also produced Derby winning *Wosk, National Champion *Orzel, and *Gay Polka+++. Famous daughters include Algonkina, Beatrice, Orla and Wilma. Dr. Allen's desire to use *Pietuszok blood was not unique. The Russian program had used *Pietuszok's sire Priboj extensively. Taktika, dam of *Pietuszok founded a fine mare line in Tiersk with *Pietuszok's full sister Ptashka. *Pietuszok's full brother Topol was a leading sire at Tiersk. *Pietuszok sired 69 foals and has 872 grandget.

In 1972, Dr. Allen and Lynn headed to Poland to obtain *Pietuszok. He remembers that even at 18 years of age, *Pietuszok's greatness was obvious. Those gorgeous big eyes, regal air, expressive face and gentle disposition, coupled with his conformation and athletic ability increased his determination to own this remarkable stallion. George recognized that exportation of Polish horses was a major part of the Polish economy. The agreement was for the Allen's to import Polish sport horses and in return he might purchase *Pietuszok. *Pietuszok arrived, along with a plane load of jumping horses, on January 16, 1973. *Pietuszok was known to have suffered from emphasyma, and during his brief 22 months with us he had visitors from every part of the continent. He left an indelible mark on all who had seen him. He added to our lives a dimension and a depth of living that will never subside. The great *Pietuszok died November 7, 1974 at 20 years of age. *Pietuszok sired only four foals in North America (all colts) to include the look-alike son Pietuszok Dwa out of Canadian National Champion Silver Charm. Pietuszok Dwa was the only line bred *Pietuszok son in the world, and to our knowledge, the only source of concentrated Priboj blood in the world. Pietuszok Dwa produced only one foal crop, but in that foal crop was the outstanding colt, Pyatigorsk.